23 February 2008

Anti-Gun California Writer Hails Obama As Only Hope To Curtail Abuse of Handguns, Competition Rifles

Jayne Stayl writes in support of largely liberal issues in a blog called, appropriately, LadyJayne's Blog. The subhed is "commentary on the trials, tribulations, and quirks of these times."

She wrote a piece recently "Taking on The Lobby" about how America needs Barack Obama (or another presidential nominee) to take on the gun "issue." She made a lot of statements that were . . . questionable. Some points were flat wrong, IMHO. But her blog leaves no method to reply or provide comments. Perhaps by design? Who knows . . .

Well, the Atlantic Free-Press picked up her essay. And unlike her online journal, the Free-Press does permit comments. As it turns out, I do not need to reply to her post there. Many have come before me and done quite well without my chiming in.

One person's point of view on why firearm access should be curtailed, and the replies of several knowledgeable readers. Worth reading the entire piece and following commentary.

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