25 February 2008

Cold Ohio North Coast About To Get Chillier With Tomorrow's Clinton/Obama Debate

Cleveland is cold beyond cold this time of year. With wind streaming in off Lake Erie, snow squalls that come up in a minute, and wind chills you feel to the bone. But believe it or not, this time tomorrow things will likely be even chillier.

Or a blazing inferno, depending on how you look at it. The tension growing between Sens. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton is becoming evident. And tomorrow night's debate between the rival democrats for the presidential nomination of their party -- well, will likely start out as "chilly" but grown into a mountainous blaze as the two hit each other with everything they've got prior to next week's make-or-break primaries in Texas and Ohio.

Adding to the tension: New polls from CBS News, which shows Obama surging ahead, and the Associated Press, which shows Obama coming even with Clinton, and grabbing leads among white men, middle-income earners and liberals.

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