22 February 2008

Brady Bunch Contends Campus Firearms Activists Are Shills For NRA, 'Gun Lobby'

Interesting . . .

If you can't effectively argue the merits of your position, you just tell international media reps that students advocating an effective, alternative safety solution to mass murders on U.S. college campuses are aligned with the evil National Rifle Association.

That's what the Brady Campaign (formerly Handgun Control Inc.) did this week in response go growing discussion and media coverage about allowing college students and faculty -- who possess CCW permits -- to carry those self defense tools on campus in the wake of killings in designated victim-rich zones.

Another note: The ABC News (that's Australia's ABC) writer called Students for Concealed Carry on Campus -- very clearly an internet-based grassroots movement in this nation -- a lobby group, the wording somehow making it sound more nefarious. I'm sure that idea was planted by Mr. Hamm at Brady. Because everyone hates lobbyists, right?

h/t to Snowflakes in Hell

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