21 February 2008

Illinois Will Move To Ban Internet Accessory Sales

Updated: Thursday, Feb. 21, 2008, 5:26 pm -- The writers at Lonely Machines suggest that the real goal of some of the national gun control organizations may to be harrass firearms owners into just giving up. Specifically, if they can't achieve outright bans, they will settle for harrassing people into not buying them in the first place.

"Incidents like this aren’t caused by weapons. They’re caused by defects of personality and flawed morality. You can scapegoat all you want, but guns (or rap music, videogames, etc.) aren’t the problem, and even if we’re not all honest enough to admit it, the truth doesn’t change."

Came across some news out of Illinois the past few days. This comes straight from reliable sources in DeKalb, site of the attacks at Northern Illinois University.

While anti-gun lawmakers there, from Chicago Mayor Daley on down, are hyperventilating and pointing fingers at firearms owners -- when they really need to look at their own actions for answers -- the next "victim" of the controllers will likely be internet sales of ammunition and/or accessories.

In Illinois you must possess a FOID (Firearms Owner Identification Card) to purchase a firearm or ammunition. Did you know that if you visit an Illinois gun store, you can't even "touch" a firearm there unless you have a FOID card? That's bad news if you are an out-of-state visitor to the Land of Lincoln and just doing some window shopping. Nevertheless, there will likely be a hard push making it illegal for Illinois residents to purchase ammunition over the internet. There may even be a push for such restrictions nationally.

Both the killers at NIU and VT possessed large-capacity magazines. In a strange coincidence, the NIU murderer ordered his magazine from the same Internet dealer from which the VT attacker ordered one of his handguns. THAT will likely be the lawful commerce the gun control organizations attempt to attack.

I am not alone in my belief that an armed student or professor would have stopped this carnage in its tracks if Illinois residents were not handcuffed by the draconian control laws spewing from Cook County. Still, I understand the political reality that carry will probably never be possible on a campus in a state that is so hateful toward lawful firearms ownership.

But you should know about the police in DeKalb. I've learned that officers there were in the building only a couple of minutes after the shooting began. Unlike the situation at Virginia Tech, where LEOs set up a perimeter and let the shooting of students go on and on, my understanding is that several DeKalb police officers bravely ran into the building with only the word that shots had been fired. What's more, I learned they were pretty pissed off that the cowardly murderer took his own life.

They would have liked to help him.

As much as I occasionally criticize LEOs for aiding and abetting politicians who aim to deprive otherwise law-abiding citizens of their 2A rights, I know that there are police officers throughout Illinois who cannot stand the continual gun control regs being written in Cook County. To the officers in DeKalb, I commend you for not standing by, but getting there to help in just minutes. Unfortunately, as the officers and students know all too well, the carnage was done in just seconds -- because no one was permitted to defend themselves on this supposedly safe, victim-rich campus.

Stay tuned for updates on anti-Internet sales legislation coming out of Illinois in the coming weeks.

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