29 February 2008

'Common Sense' Definition Depends On Perspective

Jacob Sullem, writing for Reason magazine, was doing some research and concludes that non-sequiters from the gun control crowd haven't ceased in more than a decade. In fact, they are still using the same shrill, tired words and phrases that were popularized in 1994.

"The NIU murderer, Steven Kazmierczak, legally purchased the shotgun and three handguns he used, which did not qualify as "assault weapons," from a licensed dealer on three trips over seven months, and there does not seem to have been anything about his background that disqualified him from owning firearms. So the only possibly relevant suggestion offered by Helmke is to reimpose a 10-round federal limit on the size of magazines. But considering that Kazmierczak fired the shotgun six times and the handguns 48 times; that it takes just a few seconds to switch magazines; and that police arrived about six minutes after the attack started, by which time Kazmierczak already had killed himself, it is doubtful that the death toll was any higher than it would have been had he been carrying 10-round magazines. "

Yep, he nailed it. Read the full story here in Reason Online.

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