22 February 2008

Nebraska Moves Closer To Statewide Ban On Competition Rifles

This one has the Legal Community Against Violence's fingerprints all over it, if you ask me . . .

State lawmakers in Nebraska are working overtime to "do something" in the wake of the gun-free Omaha mall executions in December. Eight people shopping in a mall where self defense firearms were banned and people had no way to legally defend themselves, were murdered in a Von Maur department store. The 19-year-old killer then shot himself.

They are starting with competition rifles.

A bill that just passed out of committee and now goes to the full Nebraska state legislature for approval would create a seven-member law enforcement commission to develop a list of guns deemed "inherently dangerous." Lawmakers would then would vote on whether to ban particular firearms for sale or resale in Nebraska. The commission would be required to update the list every two years.

Note: It seems to me that the words "inherently dangerous" can mean anything the commission wants them to mean. Frankly, in some states such as New Jersey, and cities or regions such as Cook County and San Francisco, it is lawmakers who often inherently dangerous.

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