26 February 2008

Okay, Time To Settle In For The Final 'Clash Of The Titans' As Cleveland Debate Kicks Off

Its snowing hard outside right now. A bit ago, I stopped into the Upper Arlington wine shop to buy a couple bottles of a vintage I am low on, and now plan to settle in and watch the war of words erupt between Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Obama. The political discussion was hot and heavy at the wine shop, where some folks had brought in hot and cold goodies to snack on, while tasting various new "arrivals" (that's wine, silly, not customers -- geez).

As tempted as I was to stick around and join in (there were some great discussions going on -- quite the eclectic mix of people and opinions), I opted to head back to the house, build a fire, settle into "Black Beauty" (my oversized leather recliner) and witness the "Collision on the Cuyahoga."

Stephen Green has said he will be drunkblogging tonight. How can he miss "covering" (in his unique fashion), the last primary debate of 2008? I can't wait to check in on his perception of the event. I won't go as far as Mr. Green, but I'm sure any headache I acquire will not be vino induced, but from the pressure building inside my cranial region, assuming the debate rhetoric that is surely to come.

It will go two ways: Either they will try to destroy each other, or jointly go after Sen. McCain (again, still not my favorite for the GOP nomination). My money is on Hillary to come out swinging in a little more than 90 minutes from now -- she has to. A "Smackdown" to rival pay-per-view, perhaps.

So for now, I'm standing by with some aspirin, a roll of duct tape (Glenn Beck aficionados will understand), and a robust Cabernet. I'll find a steak around here somewhere, too.

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