27 February 2008

When You're Glad You Don't Live In The UK (Reprise)

It's bad enough that people can be charged with assault or attempted murder for defending themselves.

Now this piece out of Britain, stating that there more than 260 regs on the books -- powers -- that permit officials to enter your domicile, many without a warrant.

Imagine how surprised David Houghton and Abby Simpson were when they returned from their holiday.

"Landlords are allowed to enter their property and seize goods in lieu of unpaid rent, and local authorities can enter your home for a number of reasons, including to turn off a continuous burglar alarm or pest extermination."

I did have a conversation recently with a former apartment portfolio manager who told me that in Texas, at least several years, ago, property owners there could confiscate personal goods for unpaid rent. Sometimes they would take food from renters in lieu of back-rent.

Anyway, I'm curious how the inspection for "foreign bees" ever got on the books in the United Kingdom. That has to be an interesting story.

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