27 February 2008

Good News For Ohio's Big Darby Creek Shooting Range

More details to come later, but I had a telephone conversation with one of the principals of Big Darby Creek Shooting Range located west of Columbus this afternoon. The headline is they won their case in the Madison County courts and can continue to operate their new, family-friendly, state-of-the-art multi-million dollar shooting sports facility. A lawsuit filed by the Jefferson Township Trustees against the Madison County Board of Zoning Appeals was rejected by a judge earlier this week. In its suit, the township alleged that the zoning board should not have granted approval for the range.

The judge saw differently, ruling essentially that the township trustees were well aware of the shooting range development, and had never voiced any opposition to the project until well after the enterprise had opened for business.

Its sad, really. The Jefferson Township trustees, in my mind, ended up doing the bidding of giant research firm Battelle, which after a couple of years of watching the private range facility being developed, "suddenly" became worried about people with guns congretating down the road from its super-duper, not-so-secret facility research facility in West Jefferson, Ohio.

BDCSR, I am told, is a great facility. I've been meaning to get out there forever, but never can make the time. I'm hoping that will change in the coming weeks. Congrats guys!

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