28 February 2008

More Shootings at 'Gun-Free' Schools: This Time Its Los Angeles and Little Rock

In Los Angeles, Calif. on Wednesday:

"At least eight people have been wounded in shootings outside a fast food restaurant and a school in south Los Angeles. LAPD Spokesman Jason Lee says the gunfire happened just after 3 pm (pacific time) outside a Jack in the Box restaurant. Another shooting happened at the same time at nearby Carver Middle School. Two of the injured in that shooting are believed to be students."

In Little Rock, Ark on Wednesday:

"Police are describing today's shooting on a sidewalk at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock as an isolated incident. One student was injured. Two suspects fled the campus and people at the school are not believed to be at risk. Even so, tonight's classes were canceled."

Uh-huh. And how again do anti self-defense advocates reconcile the fact that feel-good "gun-free" zones have been identified by criminals as "victim-rich" zones?

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