26 February 2008

With TV's 'Dexter' Influencing Kids, Why Worry About Guns?

I can only imagine that the same people who say "quit complaining about drugs, quit complaining about violent video games, but get rid of the guns" are the same people having hissy-fits about CBS Television's hit series Dexter. Frankly, the show doesn't do much for me, either. But the network of Katie Couric is all about the Benjamins.

Oh, you don't know about Dexter? He's being positioned by CBS as an "anti-hero." A vigilante killer, the character of Dexter Morgan uses his position as a Miami police blood-splatter expert to scratch a homicidal itch, albeit following "the code" of his late stepfather Harry who channeled him toward killing only those that "do really bad things." As for the ratings thus far? CBS is raking in the ratings, and the cash.

So let's see . . . firearms owners as vigilante killers is bad, and even the remote possibility of such is reason enough to regulate if not entirely ban sidearms. But a vigilante killer who uses a scalpel is much more palatable to America.
Hmmmm . . .


Anonymous said...

Brent - give Dexter a chance! It's a stretch to tie into gun stuff, but since you brought it up, it's an awesome show!

It started out on Showtime (a Viacom subsidiary) and two seasons are complete (I've watched them both). I know it's a very strange ahow, but if you watch, I'll say, two more episodes, you'll be hooked!

Brent Greer said...

Hi A-
Well I'm hoping responsible parent are not letting their kids watch this. Actually, my brain and typing fingers had a disconnect when I wrote the original post. I'm thinking that the people who wouldn't want their kid to visit another home where the parents are firearms users, or to take a gun safety class (too icky - sends the wrong message) are closet watchers of the show you are so enthusiastic about. I know about it being on cable. It was brought out to fill the void during the writer's strike, and from what I hear is doing quite well in the ratings. Now, while I think that if truly bad guys disappear, it is improving the collective gene pool. I just know there is some irony out here about its viewers and their personal belief systems. Thanks for writing!