29 February 2008

Victoria (Australia) Gun Fees To Spike; Legal Industry, Vermin Control To Suffer

"EIGHTY percent of Central Victoria gun dealers will be driven out of business and attempts by farmers to control vermin will be undermined if recommendations of a licence fee increase are accepted, dealers claim."

"The Regulatory Impact Statement is part of a State Government draft proposal on changes to firearm regulations recommending lowering some licence fees including rifles by 11 per cent, professional hand guns by 17 per cent, increasing others such as sporting hand guns by 97 per cent and firearm dealer licences by up to 647 per cent."

If this isn't an attempt to drive merchants operating in a legal industry out of business, I don't know what is. While restrictions on firearms ownership in Australia are tight, the controllers have not been able to ban guns outright through legislative or judicial fiat.

Bottom line: This is a textbook example of incrementalism, achieving the same end through different means.

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