29 February 2008

Guns Legal In Texas, Alabama; Other 'Toys' Are Not

I don't really know how to describe this story without . . . um . . . without . . .

Okay, rarely am I at a loss for words, as some of my colleagues will attest. But someone decided to look at states and see which was worse -- permitting or banning firearm possession, and permitting or banning possession of sex toys.

THERE, I said it!

Glenn Reynolds, Instpundit chief (to whom I owe a hat-tip for pointing me toward this story), has the following commentary regarding this piece: "Here in Tennessee, they're both legal: we don't care how you choose to fill your hand. There was an effort to ban dildos and vibrators about ten years ago, but it was laughed out of existence following a campaign by a group called "Well Endowed Tennesseans" who accused the legislator sponsoring the bill of phallic insecurity."

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