21 February 2008

'Painted Guns' The Latest Manufactured Controversy

Updated: Thursday, Feb. 21, 2008, 8:44 pm -- "Colored" guns are not a new trend. I just remembered an acquaintance in Maine who for years carried a pink, pearl-handled revolver. She was a white-haired lady. Had she ever been attacked, that pink revolver would have saved her life.

Some in the MSM are whipping up a firestorm of hysteria over the emerging popularity of "painted" guns.

One FOP rep says it is "frightening" to law enforcement. Of course the media picks up on that in order to frighten an unknowing public. What isn't really reported is that the companies that apply these special paints professionally are selling the vast majority of these custom paint jobs to LEOs.

NewsBusters has the full story.

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