25 February 2008

NY Times Columnist Bemoans Lack of Gun Control Talk Among Clinton, Obama

"Clinton used to be very vocal about gun control when she was running for Senate in New York, but now there’s nothing about it on her Web site. Barack Obama has a 64-page “Blueprint for Change” manual that you can download if you feel burdened by an excess of both leisure and paper. It does not mention gun control once."

"Obama, to be fair, does not tell any stories about shooting waterfowl, and his campaign says he has never been hunting. However, he shares the general enthusiasm for avoiding the subject of gun control. In the old pre-presidential days, Obama indicated support for a ban on handguns in response to a questionnaire. Asked about that in Idaho recently, he said the form was filled out incorrectly by a staff member."

"John McCain ran afoul of the National Rifle Association when he tried to close a legal loophole that allows gun sellers to avoid doing background checks if they conduct their business at gun shows. That was then. More recently, he was quoted as saying he believes the Second Amendment means “no gun control.”

Logic and common sense are winning, sort of. That's why none of the Big 3 Presidential Contenders wants to talk about gun control publicly. Or they couch it in touchy, feely words that no one can argue with. Yet if any of these three get into the office, as my dad used to say, "Katie bar the door!" There will be continued efforts to pass meaningless gun regs. Which apparently is what New York Times columnist Gail Collins wants desperately to happen.

BUT, interestingly, with the MSM picking up on gun-free zones and the target-rich environment weenie politicians have created in our schools, universities, shopping malls and public buildings, there is an uneasiness among moderates and liberal gun controllers.

Uneasiness that they cannot get their agenda pushed through, and may risk losing their cushy seats of power, and uneasiness even more so that the American people still hold the cards and largely still won't let themselves be lied to and pushed around when it comes to their personal safety.

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