13 July 2008

Across The Pond, In Sarah Brady Paradise . . .

In England, which the anti self defense crowd here says America should emulate, police now say "knife crime" is claiming 60 victims a day!

"They show that almost 60 people are stabbed or mugged at knife-point every day.

A quarter-by-quarter breakdown suggests that the offending has accelerated over the course of the year, fuelling fears that the problem is getting worse.

Opposition politicians described the tally as "shocking" and last night demanded action from ministers. "

Shocking but not unexpected. Self defense and shooting sports advocates said this would happen in Britain if firearms were banned, and they were right. So-called "gun violence" may be down in the UK, but violence remains. Frankly, ask a trauma surgeon which is worse - gunshot wounds or stab wounds. Either will kill you.

This is what we don't want coming to America, folks, which is why thinking Americans need to be reminded of the rampant intellectual DIShonesty coming out of the gun control camp these days.

Thankfully, we still are at a stalemate situation. No better. No worse.

h/t to David Codrea

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Anonymous said...

i would rather be over here with our firearms than over there with their knife crime any day. over there i am not allowed to defend myself. thats nuts.