13 July 2008

Comment Period For Defensive Firearms In National Parks Has Been Extended

The period for public comment on a rule change that would allow loaded firearms in national parks has been extended to August 8 after pressure from congressional leaders.

My impression is that the anti's know this proposal has overwhelming support and is going to go through. They are mounting a full court press in a last-ditch attempt to block sorely needed citizen safety policy, solely for political reasons.

"The comment period was scheduled to end on June 30, but the chairs of the Senate and House national park subcommittees sent a letter to the Secretary of the Interior days before the deadline requesting an extension, according to a statement by the National Parks Conservation Association.

"The letter sent by Senator Daniel Akaka and Congressman Raul Grijalva stated that "the Department's proposal is ardently opposed by current and former park ranger professionals who have countless years of experience in park management and resource protection,” according to the NCPA statement."

Message to Sen. Akaka and Congressman Grijalava: The parks belong to "the people" . . . NOT to former park rangers.

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