08 July 2008

Ohio AG Asked To Intervene In Open Carry Stops

Ohioans for Concealed Carry has asked interim Ohio Attorney General Nancy Rogers to intervene on behalf of Ohioans where LEOs who don't understand the law are unknowingly (or knowingly) detaining law abiding citizens because they practice open carry.

According to OFCC, Willowick, Ohio police acknowledge that there is widespread problem in the law enforcement community regarding this issue throughout Ohio.

And as one of the OFCC leaders so eloquently puts it (and I am paraphrasing here), ignorance of the law doesn't work for private citizens, but apparently -- so far -- ignorance of the law regarding open carry doesn't seem to bother some police departments.

Here is what OFCC had to say about the latest problems in Willowick, and the text of a letter sent to the Ohio AG's office.

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gator said...

It's not much better here in AZ, particularly with regard to having a weapon in your vehicle with (or without) a holster, in a container such as the console or glove compartment (or not), with (or without) all (or part, or none) of the weapon being visible. The governor just vetoed a bill that would have cleared some of this up for those of us who are trying to obey the law.