17 July 2008

Firearms In The Home

Winds of Change has a great piece on the type of firearms to keep in the household for home defense, and some thoughts on reliance on 9-1-1.

And to Grim, who wrote the first comment to Winds' piece, suggesting that knives are a better self defense too, I respectfully suggest he get his head out of his ass.

Keeping as far away from an assailant as possible is Goal 1 in self defense. To rely on a knife is to intentionally put one's self in harm's way, for knife-fighting requires close combat. While some knowledge of using knives for self defense is good, such tools should never be relied upon to fend off an attack.

Simply put, if the goal is to never let the assailant get close to you (and that SHOULD be everyone's goal), ignoring the great equalizer that is a firearm in favor of an edged weapon is just foolhardy.

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Harry Schell said...

A tale of a recent police shooting reinforces the rule of keeping away from close combat if you can.

In short form, an officer fired four times at an assailant with +P .40 S+W JHP's. One miss, two center mass and one in a shoulder as the man turned away. He engaged at 7 ft. The criminal walked 20 FEET before he collapsed. All three hits expanded properly and stayed inside the body.

If defender used a knife, the time to inflict this kind of damage would offer the attacker much opportunity to hurt back and still walk his 20 feet.

The attacker was only dissuaded from pressing on. He could have made another choice, and kept advancing. Certainly had the power to do it.

Maybe the 21 foot rule should now be 30 ft due to healthier people?

Very sad to bring it up, but this is reality.

Maybe a knife will be sufficient, but how will you know ahead of time? That's the rub. Prepare for the worst, hope all you have to do is show you are armed and the intruder will lose interest.