08 July 2008

Shocking Bracelet Proposal For Airline Passengers

Bizarre doesn't even begin to describe this story . . .

"A columnist at the Washington Times has issued a warning that the U.S. government actually has considered having airline passengers wear electronic bracelets that could be triggered like Tasers to stun the victim into immobility.

"The alert comes from columnist Jeffrey Downing, who wrote that not only has a Canadian company proposed such a product and is advertising it, the U.S. government has put its interest in writing."

Thoughts anyone? My first instinct is, "what the hell?"

If we're going to do this to law abiding people, then I want EVERYONE who leaves jail to be wearing one (repeat criminals, you know). And let's not stop there. How about all lawmakers wear one to shock them back into reality when they propose outlandish (they would call them "common sense") regulations designed to buy votes.

So, what say you?


jeff said...

How about Supreme Court justices who voted against Heller be forced to wear one? If they are going to ignore the basic right to self defense, what other rights would they be willing to give away? They need to be shocked back to reality.

DJK said...

I'm speechless.