15 July 2008

Biggest Newspaper in Chicago Ignored Biggest Gun Rally In City In Years

Several hundred people showed up for a pro self defense rally in downtown Chicago a few days ago.

But the Chicago Tribune would have done George Orwell, author of 1984, proud. For the paper of record in the Windy City did not report a single word on this huge event.

So do they somehow think it never happened? Or that by ignoring it, it never happened? Can you say denial?

I observed and wrote on this on July 11. I noted that if you wanted puffy pieces about the introduction of the iPhone in Cook County, the paper was filled with puffy stories. Just not anything about self defense and -- GASP -- guns!

Of course, daily newspapers all over the nation -- often filled with bigotry toward firearms ownership -- are finding their circulations in steep decline. Maybe the Tribune just didn't have enough pages to print a story about its residents protesting in favor of restoring their right to exercise the Constitution right that protects the entire Bill of Rights.



DJK said...

Maybe, before they're extinct, the paper papers will realize that they're typically on the losing side of the ideology game and that they're in need of a paradigm shift in order to stay alive.

But, it'll never happen.

Brent Greer said...

DJK...thanks for writing. I don't think that will happen either. Editors are in such denial about how people receive their product it isn't funny. Numbers are down? Just reduce the number of pages. People don't like the content? Well, that's what letters to the editor are for. No. People (consumers of goods, servicesi, and yes, news) vote with their feet. When they are unhappy with a retailer, they go somewhere else. When they are unhappy with a newspaper, they drop their subscription. Editors and owners never think its about ideology. Their attitude is tha only the fringe disagree with their editorials. Not so. Trust me. I have worked in that environment (a million years ago...lol)

Anonymous said...

Holy cow, have you seen this one:


No private firarm ownership, but maybe we should send in the national guard??