23 July 2008

Central Ohio Women and Firearms -- For Once, Fair Treatment From TV Station

A colleague of mine recently hosted a women only shoot at her rural Ohio home. The Central Ohio CBS Television affiliate, WBNS, was there.

Linda Walker, like myself, is both an NRA Certified Instructor, and an Ohio real estate agent. She also is a leader with Buckeye Firearms Association. When testifying before the Ohio General Assembly, we often have worked in conjunction with each other to make sure every issue is covered when dealing with lawmakers as important citizen safety legislation is promoted. As I have noted previously, as an officer of Peoples Rights Organization I have volunteered as a legislative liaison for a few years now.

Linda was was gracious enough to open up her home and host a number of women, former students of hers, for this little get together. What is more dramatic, in my book, is the chance she took letting a local TV station come out -- a station that has almost never been friendly to the self defense cause (and other related issues), despite protestations from management and certain other reporters that it covers events fairly.

Now, to the news story itself. In comparison to most of the news coverage 10tv gives to the firearms issue (historically it has been incredibly negative and biased), the piece that aired yesterday was pretty good. More than good, actually. As Linda said in an email to me, it had "zero bias." Probably because it wasn't a piece on legislation that a reporter doesn't like, or in most cases doesn't understand.

In this case, the correspondent, Brittany Westbrook, came out and watched a bunch of women having fun -- with guns. And honestly . . . what can be more fun than that?

Check it out.


Brigid said...

When I was still a resident of your state, and shooting at a range that was both public and active LEO, I was approacheded by the owner as I shot in both areas. A CLE TV Station wanted to do a spot about women shooters, and would I participate?

I readily said I'd show up, then when mentioning that at the small local range close to my house that I shot at each Saturday morning, they clued me in. . . . and showed me some footage the station had done on guns in the past. It was slanted and skewed and aimed at taking innocent statements and twisting them into their anti gun committment.

I'm glad I didn't show up. What they did air was less than flattering to the shooting community.

It's great to hear that there are reputable people within the field, getting an accurate message about women and firearms and depicting in a true light, what it means to us.

lucy said...

Mr. Greer, while I found the report to be mostly positive, I was taken aback by the title choosen for the piece. It was displayed in the background as the reporter was introducing the piece: "Women and Weapons."

Don't you think this showed a bias on the part of the station? After all, I didn't see and knives, baseball bats, or bull dozers did you?

Brent Greer said...

Brigid, Lucy, thanks for the comments. Yes the media typically is biased at these events, but the "content" of the 10tv piece is surprisingly balanced.

Lucy you do bring up a very good point. I totally missed the word "weapon" on the header, and that is one of my bugaboos too. That is the language the anti's use. Those of us in the club use the word firearm. Because weapon DOES refer to anything that can harm another -- knife, pen, sword, ball bat, etc. Good catch! Thanks!