21 July 2008

Unintended Consequences

In an effort to protect kids from the bumps and bruises that make kids kids, playgrounds all over the U.S. now have protective rubber mats, or rubber chunks under equipment so that no one gets hurt.

Well, the very items that protect the kids are giving kids first and second degree burns.

"Parents of children burned by hot playground equipment are criticizing the parks department.Surfaces have reached 166 degrees in the hot weather over the last week or so. Burns happen easily with any temperatures over 140 degrees, according to park authorities. Two children have suffered burns already."
They are suffering burns when their hands or feet touch the rubber surface under playground equipment. The solution? Parks officials tell parents to make sure kids keep shoes on their feet.

Its a sad day when the solution leads to injuries far worse than the simple bumps and bruises they were supposed to be protected from. Of course, its not the fault of the rubber mats, or the politicians and school officials who bought into the idea that kids should not be allowed to be kids by skinning a knee once in a while.

The next thing you know, the reason the mats are hot will be blamed on "climate change" and George W. Bush. Any bets on how long that will be?

Another unintended consequence, brought to you The Bureaucracy.

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DJK said...

Do it for the children!