13 July 2008

Tony Snow - Presidential Press Secretary Extraordinaire

Tony Snow lost his battle with cancer yesterday. He was one of the finest press secretaries to come through the White House in many, many years. Speaking for the current administration, he had a way of explaining in simple terms the complexities of government to the public and media.

Most often, he had a way of cutting through the barriers and spin erected by the legacy media that do not like George W. Bush, and getting the message through to ordinary Americans.

Here is the story of his passing. And a commentary.

I particularly liked this observation of Mr. Show:

"Tony Snow was universally thought of as a man of principle who thoroughly enjoyed the jousting of the political wars in Washington while earning respect for not allowing personal acrimony to cloud his relationships with the opposition."
He didn't aspire for this type of accolade in death. He just lived it every day . . . it was who he was.


Anonymous said...

He died at 53 years. So young. It shows anything can happen no matter your age, and you shouldn't hold back in life. Sounds like he lived life heartily. Thank you for the write up and pointer to the news stories.

Brent Greer said...

A- Thanks for writing. You are welcome. I agree with your sentiment. He did live a full life, though it was a short one. A very close friend recently gave me a saying, "Make someday today." Snow lived it. We all should be so fortunate.