15 July 2008

A Washington Correspondent Says He Has Written His Last Gun Control Column

"I had given the speech and was taking questions from the audience (always easier than giving a speech). A man asked me if I had any ideas about how to achieve a rational system of gun control in this country.My answer surprised me."No," I told him. "I've given up on gun control. That battle is over.

"We've lost. I no longer think it's an achievable goal and if I were a politician I wouldn't lose an election over it. The audience, a liberal group, was properly aghast. That answer was so unlike me."

Columnist Don Kaul says he has written some 75 columns pushing for gun control in his 45 years as a newpaperman. But no more. He still doesn't like the Second Amendment, but he's giving up.

Read his last gun control column by clicking here.

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