20 July 2008

A Soldier Tells The Left 'You Can't Disarm Me'

"The Left doesn't fear the gun, they fear me. Specifically they fear the power that me and a gun have over other people (like them) who don't have a gun. So instead of getting a gun of their own or taking Karate or any other healthy method to make themselves powerful, they seek to disarm me.

"I am a professional soldier, trained and proficient in my warrior tasks and drills. I can clear a room or engage a single target from 600 meters away. As an individual I am a formidable force, and as a member of a team I am an unstoppable force.

"It is time for EVERY gun owner to realize that. Politically we are unstoppable if we stick together and fight the good fight. Physically if we train, individually or in groups, we can protect ourselves and loved ones from those who would do them harm. UNSTOPPABLE."

Random thoughts from an American soldier.Truer words were never spoken. Just read it.

h/t to Brigid

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