13 July 2008

Chicago Mayor Daley Wants To Know Why Gangs Ruined 'Taste of Chicago'

The much body-guarded Mayor Richard Daley of Chicago wants to know how and why police lost control at the recent "Taste of Chicago" outdoor event, leading people to be harrassed by gangs and other Windy City thugs.

Details here from the Chicago Sun-Times.

On July 3, as a fireworks and concert was concluding and people were dispersing, four people were shot. One of the victims died.

Once again, The Daley Machine is about power -- but not about empowerment. If it was, there wouldn't be such a continual push year after year from Chicago and Cook County in the Illinois legislature to continue the antiquated ban on concealed carry in the state.

Illinois residents, and residents of Chicago, want and need empowerment -- to be able to make their own choices about their safety instead of relying on government that cannot be there for everyone at all times.

But then, if such empowerment -- and choice -- existed . . . why then there would no longer be "top-down" control from Mr. Daley and his buddies. Such a change would mark the end of The Chicago Way.

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