19 July 2008

Million Dollar 'Oops' In Chicago

Mayor Richard Daley is believed to be all powerful in Cook County (that's Chicago, folks). His pronouncements are believed to be unassailable, and his wishes unalterable.

So when he proposed that the city try to raise $1 million from the public for a massive gun buyback, supposedly to get guns off the street to reduce crime, the last thing he expected was for someone likely to be an ally to tell Chicago City Council that they were wasting their time.

So far, the corporate "fund-raisers" are off to a very slow start. Think he's having kittens over this the way he flew off the handle when the Heller opinion was announced by the U.S. Supreme Court?

I love it. Apparently, Daley and his machine are not invincible after all . . . .

1 comment:

DJK said...

I'm sure once the money is raised, the criminals will be selling guns back to Daley by the dozen. RIGHT.

If you've got an old crusty relic that will never run again, go get your $100. Otherwise...keep your steel.