22 July 2008

Where Is Rosie O'Donnell To Point Out The Link Between Violent Movies And Violence?

Or as one of my favorite headlines might read, "Ban The Assault Movies."

Sadly, there is a story out of the Milwaukee area, where an 18-year-old man has strangled his 18-year-old girlfriend. Whether there is a tie-in remains to be seen, but local media is harping endlessly about how the alleged killer watched the film "Natural Born Killers" 10-20 times.

Police say the accused has stated he and his girlfriend watched the movie that night. He told police that night that he "did it."

I can't bring myself to say ban movies, for the children. Because we all know it is not the film that makes someone kill, any more than it is a firearm that makes someone kill, or a spoon that continues to keep Rosie O'Donnell on the hefty side.

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