11 July 2008

Longenecker: 'It's not about Guns, It's About Self-Governance, Safer Streets'

John Longenecker has a great new essay out, titled "D.C. v. Heller: It's Not About Guns, It's About Self Governance, Safer Streets."

Without even reading his text I was in agreement, just from the headline alone.

Here is an excerpt, which appears in American Daily:

"Maybe the time for faking out the People is coming to an end on various levels. Where the peccadillo of abusing powers might have been countered by further citizen political involvement and personal critical thinking eventually, it was immensely facilitated by the D.C. v. Heller win which can now begin to reveal just how gun control is related to a host of other policies which frustrate and vex the American family.

"This is why I oppose gun control so. It Is Not About Guns: It is a model for the further interference with all aspects of our society - all aspects - and goes now beyond the Nanny State into a condition of a deeper dependency on officials. This is what is meant by liberty nuts when they say that it's not about controlling guns, it's about control, period.

"A dangerous movement is afoot: We were passing the Nanny State and moving into a coerced dependency on officials who are no longer satisfied with looking after us cradle to grave - no matter what their intentions - now looking to forcing it on us so that we have no choice but to depend on them for food, fuel and more - all of it allegedly for fighting crime. But is this where crime is fought? No, it is not.

"By banning the gun bans, D.C. v. Heller just might reverse the direction of this kind of nightmare of removing you from head of household, only to replace you with official drones as they do now in parenting, electronic surveillance, etc."

Great writing. Great reading.

BTW, I have a brand new copy of John's newest book, "Safe Streets In The Nationwide Concealed Carry of Handguns." Having skimmed through it already before sitting down for a good read, I think this is sure to be a strong title.

I will have a review of John's book next week and will post it to The Ready Line.

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