14 July 2008

New Yorker Mag Cover Backfires (Pun Intended)

In an effort to depict criticism of presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama as fearmongering, the satirical covert art of the latest edition of the highly respected The New Yorker magazine may have gone too far. It is . . . well . . . going to be talked about. A lot. Frankly, the point the magazine is trying to make will probably backfire.

The cover art depicts Obama in garb similar to what some muslims wear, while his wife, Michelle, sports an afro, wears camo, and carries what may be an AK-47. They are doing their trademark fist-bump.

The Obama camp calls is "tasteless and offensive." Of course, apparently Obama thinks it is okay to call firearms owners "bitter" . . . .

Nevertheless, some publishers will do anything to sell a magazine.

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