10 July 2008

Texans Demanding Their CCW, Gun Sales Up In Florida

Texas officials are noting a five percent increase in the number of people applying for a concealed carry permit during the first six months of 2008 over the same period in 2007.

"The crunch – which some say is spurred by concerns about rising crime, the state's new castle law and uncertainty about future gun laws – has created a ballooning backlog of applications for the department and angered gun proponents.

"Can you imagine if it was a driver's license and someone says you just can't drive?" said Alice Tripp, legislative director for the Texas State Rifle Association."

Indeed. My guess is there is an increase nationally. Is anyone out there tracking that?

Meanwhile, as crime continues to rise in Florida, so does the sale of firearms to law abiding citizens there. Details from MSNBC about Lee County in southwest Florida. If you aren't aware, this is the stepping off point to Fort Myers and points south, like the resort areas of Sanibel, Naples, and Marco Island.

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