08 July 2008

Reason #247 To Take A Woman To The Range

"A woman walking her dog was ambushed and attacked by a man hiding in some bushes not far from where a slain jogger's body was found last month.

"Investigators said the 25-year-old woman was walking on Goldenrod Road near Toledo Street Monday when a man jumped out of the bushes. The man then attempted to drag her into the bushes until the victim freed herself." She began to run away and he ripped her shirt -- to the point of almost ripping it off her body," Orange County sheriff's Sgt. Rich Mankewich said.The man then chased the woman for about 600 yards to an apartment complex before the man turned around, the Orange County Sheriff's Office reported."

Me thinks if the young lady had been carrying, Mr. Scumbag would not have chased her 25 feet, let alone 600 yards.


Lin M. said...

The only time I don't carry is when I'm WITH someone that's carrying, or those places that I legally can't (sigh). You can't tell, I look like just the average perky woman out walking her dog, or coming home from the library. But I'm perky with two inch groupings when the need arises.

Brent Greer said...

Hehe....glad to hear it Lin! What kind of dog? Thanks for writing.