13 July 2008

Bill Clinton: America Becoming More Polarized

No kidding?

Former President Bill Clinton warned Saturday that the country is becoming increasingly polarized. His remarks came during the
National Governors Association's semiannual meeting.

There, he said the the achievements of two of three potential presidents being a black man and a woman were being overshadowed by a growing distance between Americans.

"Underneath this apparent accommodation to our diversity, we are in fact hunkering down in communities of like-mindedness, and it affects our ability to manage difference."
Well, he should know that better than anyone else. The president who single-handedly armed America during his eight years in office started the polarization ball rolling big time.

It hasn't stopped since, and all he has done is fan the flames rather than try to stop it. Its rather disingenuous, IMHO, to say something like this now considering he was the polarization enabler (or instigator?) in chief.

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