31 July 2008

Man Charged With Death Of Boy

At least the police arent' blaming the gun. We'll leave that to the local politicians. The cops are saying the bad guy is solely to blame.

Sadly, this tragedy need never have happened. A criminal had rifle in his house when he was a felon and knew he had no right to such. The rifle was loaded. Why on Earth, especially when he had kids in the house, is anybody's guess. Probably because he is a criminal and didn't care about even his own family members.

The media is calling it an assault rifle -- a machine gun. My guess is its a nomenclature problem and once again they have no clue what they are talking about -- unless that is what they were told by police. If so, then we have another problem . . .

The bottom line: A seven year old boy lies dead. No one taught him, if he sees a gun to: STOP! Don't Touch! Leave the Area! Tell An Adult! A known criminal is at fault. It could have been a knife. Either way . . .

Worse, his death will be exploited and commonly used competition rifles will be blamed for this senseless tragedy by someone on Columbus City Council before the summer is over for their own political gain.


lucy said...

Mr. Greer,

I find your commentary to be rather harsh and judgemental. I am heartbroken over th death of this little boy. Yet, I am reserving judgement, refusing to take the word of the Columbus Dispatch as gospel for what has happened.

Do you know the gun was loaded? Do you know it was not secured? Do you know this man did not care about his family? Do you know this child was not taught to stay away from guns and or why he chose not to at that moment?

You make many statements that appear come from conjecture and take facts that come from a newspaper that you frequently slam as biased and bigoted where guns are concerned. You cannot have it both ways.

If I didn't know better I would think you were the Dispatch reporter.

This was a horrible accident and a child is dead and a family is forever changed. Yes, there appears to have been negligence and yes the facts bear the man was a felon. But beyond that we don't know anything else and we may never know...as the only one who does know the facts is a little boy who lay dead in a casket.

Brent Greer said...

As always, thanks for writing. You make a good point. The Dispatch historically has been incredibly biased against firearms,private ownership of such and CCW. Perhaps I did jump the gun. I will put more out on this later after I talk to some LEOs I know to get better info than the Big D put out. Thanks for the reality check and reminding me not to take this paper's word as gospel.