26 July 2008

Anti-Gun Mayor A Bully?

Anti-gun Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick is a signatory to Michael Bloomberg's hot-air filled "Mayors Against Illegal Guns" campaign.

I think I know why, at least in Mayor Kilpatrick's case, he has signed on to this PR-heavy, distortion-riddled campaign -- physicians call it "projection."

He's got this anger management problem, and he doesn't trust himself. Maybe, even, he doesn't trust himself with guns. So he becomes one of the heavyweights pushing the anti-gun message.

That has to be the only explanation . . . Why?

Well, he has some troubles. First, he was charged in May of this year with perjury for misconduct in office with a city staffer -- NOW he is being investigated for allegedly assaulting a sheriff's deputy who was trying to serve a subpoena to one of the mayor's colleagues. The fallout continues:

"A 36th District Court judge restricted Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick's travel and revoked his personal bond today during a bond hearing, one day after the mayor was accused of assaulting a detective.

"The mayor, who was on a personal bond that did not require him to pay any money to the court, was required to pay $7,500 in cash -- 10 percent of his $75,000 bond -- to stay free, 36th District Judge Ronald Giles ordered. By 2:50 p.m., Kilpatrick had paid his bond after a delay at the court.

"I am being real rational today," the mayor said as he waited to be released.

"Kilpatrick will be allowed to keep already approved business travel, including attending the Democratic National Convention in Denver. But all personal travel is prohibited, the judge ordered. The mayor is also required to participate in random drug testing. Kilpatrick volunteered to take an immediate drug test.

"You are a licensed attorney, you are a public official," the judge told Kilpatrick after hearing evidence of an alleged Thursday assault by Kilpatrick on a Wayne County detective who was attempting to serve a summons on Bobby Ferguson, a city contractor and close friend of the mayor. "Everything you do and everything you say is in some way recorded and obviously it's something you have to think about."

"Giles further chastised Kilpatrick and said his behavior was irrational."

Yes, projection . . . perhaps the root behind all this anti self defense claptrap. Is it that the antis know they have "issues" and don't trust themselves? Therefore, none of us may possess self defense or sporting firearms?

I think Mr. Kilpatrick needs to examine his own problems first before he sets out trying to make himself feel better by irrationally regulating the self defense tool of choice for many Detroit residents.

He's good at irrational. A judge said so.

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