20 July 2008

Obama's 'Civilian National Security Force' Is Already Covered In The Constitution

Classical Values notes that the civilian National Security Force that Sen. Barack Obama suggested be created already exists -- and it is authorized by the United States Constitution.

That authorization? The Second Amendment.

But then, by just authorizing "the people," you couldn't create a new layer of bureaucracy . . . or create a budget for it, and with a budget, bureaucrats beholden to the politicians creating said bureacracy . . .

Nor could you force untold additional hundreds of thousands of people to be fingerprinted and background checked, just to get them into "the system . . . "

No, I guess we don't want to rely on a 200+ year old scrap of parchment to guide us.

Just pass another damn law . . . or let yet another politician create another layer of bungling bureaucracy . . . all in the name of "accomplishing something . . ."

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