10 July 2008

Some People Say This Is Why So Many Brits Are Emigrating

Updated: Sunday, July 13, 2008, 10:45 am -- Well, I can't say I'm surprised that its happening here too. In Dallas, a county commissioner is demanding that a colleague apologize for using the term "black hole." The commissioner insists it is a racist phrase. This is insanity!


"For more than two years, Sydney Davis’ house has been under siege from stone-throwing youths. And more than two hours into the latest attack on his family home, the police had yet to respond.

"So after a particularly large missile landed in his kitchen, the 65-year-old grabbed a plank of wood and ran towards the gang to scare them away. But his desperate act came just as the police finally arrived on the scene - where they promptly arrested him for possession of an offensive weapon."

Rachel Lucas has commentary, and when I checked this morning, some 102 comments from readers on this incendiary subject.

Frankly, I think examples such as these from overseas are reasons why public opinion in the U.S. continues to gravitate more toward self defense, with Castle Doctrine legislation being passed in state after state, and greater pushes toward allowing professors and students to carry a personal sidearm on campus to defend their lives against violent criminals who exploit the "non-violence" policies of weenie university administrators.

As for the retired builder in Wiltshire who is the subject of the story, I feel for him. This is utter nonsense in the once great United Kingdom.

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