19 July 2008

Disease From Toxic Pools, Drownings Show Pools Should Be Regulated, Even Banned

A hundred cases of shigellosis have being reported in Ohio, and investigators are looking at daycare centers. The disease also can pop up from unhealthy water found in public swimming pools. Perhaps private pools as well?

Further, there are the drownings that occur every year in this nation in swimming pools, lakes and rivers. Hundreds and hundreds.

By some accounts, accidental shootings among children 14 and under averaged 71.5 a year from 1999 - 2005. Accidental drownings in that age range and period averaged over 845 per year.

So should we ban the assault pools? Because they are too toxic? I mean, really . . . no one NEEDS to go swimming, right? Just like the argument that the anti self defense crowd makes about no one needing a firearm? Should there be fences around inflatable pools? "If it saves just one life" is the mantra chanted by the Kool-Aid drinkers who blindly push for gun control. So why not mandate fences around inflatable pools?

Inspirational h/t's to Bruce Krafft and Sebastian

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