18 July 2008

Will Brits Regain Their Right To 'Forceful Self Defense?'

A London-based blogger ponders several developments in the UK, and comes to the following conclusion:

"So, if someone breaks into my flat in the dead of night, and I get lucky with my late uncle's old cricket bat which I still keep handy just in case, I won't have to be quite so fearful of legal complications. There is, after all, something to be said in favour of lame duck governments, desperately trying something – anything – in order to save a few fragments from the forthcoming electoral wreckage."

Details here.


Mike W. said...

This is a good sign at least. I certainly hope the Brits are waking up.

Harry Schell said...

The "right" of self-defense has been granted by the UK government. I thought this might be related to Heller but no, it has been in process for some months...but so has Heller.

The UK political class has to know that over here the human right of self-defense might be affirmed, and that bloggers at least would communicate the disadvantage of the innocent in the UK.

So maybe they are trying to salvage something to retain power, but the practical impact of this "change", which can be revoked at will by the government, is limited to cricket bats and the like.

Without an effective means of self-defense ("arms"), nothing matters, much.

But maybe this is the rivlet that washes the dam away. One can hope.

Obama says so...