21 July 2008

Will Higher Gas Prices Result In Less Police Presence? If You Believe In Self Reliance, It's A Non-Issue

In different parts of the U.S. this summer, that very question is being asked.

In Georgia, police are going out on foot patrol more often. There are some good arguments for having cops walking the beat. For one they can evaluate situations better than speeding by in their air conditioned cruisers. But, they cannot be everywhere . . .

Here in Central Ohio, police are, indeed, turning to foot patrols, as well as motorcycles and bicycles as a result of the fuel price crunch. Even Columbus' fleet of police helicopters is seeing its hours in the air slashed . . .

Even in and around the nation's capitol, the story is the same -- cutbacks and emergency legislation for more funds to cover fuel costs borne by public safety vehicles . . .

So with a likelihood of less police presence in neighborhoods -- from time to time (and we will never know just when) -- the result is, not unexpectedly, that we all are even more responsible for our own safety.

And still, there is this collectivism mentality among many that we as individuals should not be tasked with such. Further, that we should not want to be responsible for our own safety. There are people who are stunned by the changes in patrol policy, and feel they are being "forced" to set up neighborhood watches. That they are being left to fend for themselves.

Maybe they've never read this.

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