08 July 2008

Semantics In Washington DC

Well, well . . .

It appears officials in Washington DC plan to become experts in splitting hairs. Or their attorneys are turning a blind eye and saying "I didn't hear that!!!"

"The court ruled that a blanket ban on handguns is unconstitutional, but D.C. Mayor Adrian Fenty and other Washington officials want to keep in place a prohibition on semiautomatic handguns — those in which a bullet clip is inserted into the gun's grip.

"Such a ban would continue to outlaw 9-mm and other popular pistols that are legal in most other places around the United States. And it would make the classic six-shooter the only legal handgun in the District."

So handguns would be legal in the District . . . certain kinds of handguns, that is.

Can anyone say "intellectual dishonesty?" Once again, it brings to mind the Al Goreism -- "no controlling legal authority."


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