16 July 2008

TP Maker Craps All Over Florida Firearms Law

Here's a load of s**t for you to consider . . .

A popular American pulp and paper company has banned employees at its toilet paper plant from storing concealed weapons in their cars while on company property – a move that defies Florida law.

Using a loophole in Florida law, the giant paper maker Georgia Pacific cited a Homeland Security exemption from a statute authorizing workers with concealed-weapons permits to have guns locked in their cars because it says the plant handles large amounts of explosive fuel, the Miami Herald reported.

"The Georgia-Pacific plant, located south of Jacksonville, Fla., claims it is off the hook because U.S. Coast Guard's Maritime Security regulations mandate that the company must have a permit and a safety plan. Company spokesman Jeremy Alexander said the plant's rules ban firearms on the property because it ships about 700 gallons of fuel each day to operate.

'' 'This is based on our Homeland Security requirements," he said. "It's not because of the products we make.'" According to the Herald, Georgia-Pacific would not provide copies of its documents for confidentiality reasons."

Why am I not surprised. They say, "We can't oblige because of federal regs and what we have onsite, but we won't give you the documents you need to confirm we are or are not telling the truth." Hmmm . . .

Pure, unadulterated B.S.! Loads of crap. Feces. Excrement. Over-reacting corporate liability attorney diarrhea.

Yep, the anti self-defense business lobby dung it again.


Anonymous said...

bad pun
keep them coming

Wndy Weinbaum said...

As a Jewess in the US, I say it is high time that our Congress pass legislation recognizing any NRA membership card as a NATIONAL Concealed Carry permit! Let's take BACK the streets!