25 January 2008

Abundant Deer Raise Safety Fears, Divide Communities

From The Enquirer newspaper in Cincinnati:

"Jennifer Cowgill never cooked venison, so before she handed out 1,000 pounds of it at Parkside Church's food bank in the East End, she sat down at her computer to look up recipes. I was sitting there and a lovely doe walked past my window,' Cowgill said. 'My daughter said, 'Mom are you really going to take that deer meat?' I love deer so much. But people are starving. You have to make choices . . .' "

" 'There isn't really a good answer,' Christine Crawford said. 'It's the price of progress in some people's minds. . . . We keep (developing) south of Cincinnati, taking the deer's habitat and putting up houses that are so huge.' "

" 'We believe in doing something for somebody else,' Boling said. 'My husband likes to hunt and this gives us an opportunity to give. The average deer is going to have enough meat to serve 200 people, easy. The bigger they get, the more they can feed.' "

A fairly well balanced (with a few exceptions) discussion on the explosive growth in deer populations, booming suburbs, and hunting as a highly effective conservation tool.

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