31 January 2008

A Tragedy In Chesapeake, Virginia

Updated: Thursday, Jan. 31, 2008, 19:25 pm -- Sailorcurt has updates on this case. He also sent me a correction. I inadvertently wrote that this event occurred in Maryland, when in fact it all unfolded in Chesapeake, Virginia. My apologies for the error. Thanks for the note, Sailor!

"Here’s hoping Frederick escapes Cory Maye’s fate. This guy shouldn’t be in jail. He should be compensated by the City of Chesapeake. As should the family of Detective Shivers. And these raids need to stop."

The full story is here and here. I'm not by any means defending folks who enjoy recreational pharmaceuticals occasionally. But the militarization of America's police departments is growing exponentially at a devastating cost.

Similar stories out of Georgia, Texas, Colorado and Minnesota.


Anonymous said...

Actually, it's Chesapeake VA...which is a part of the "Hampton Roads" region that I live in.

I've been covering the story pretty extensively. My last post on it is Here including links to all the older posts. There is another development that I'll be blogging about shortly.

By the way, This is the same police department that assaulted an empty home a while back (I called it the "Norfolk SWAT team" in the post, but it was actually South Norfolk, which is in the city of Chesapeake).

Brent Greer said...

Thanks for the correction. I'll make it in the main body text now. And thanks for your posts on this issue. Frustrating as hell to read this stuff.
Assaulting an empty home shows a little too much gung ho, and too little intel.

Anonymous said...

My pleasure.

I also just noticed that I screwed up the link to the "empty home assault" post.

The correct link is here

The really interesting thing about that story is that they had supposedly been surveilling the house for several days before assaulting it...and still had no idea the place was empty.

Oh, and the empty home assault was also based on a bad tip. Some "reliable" confidential informants they have in Chesapeake Huh?