25 January 2008

Ohio Police Department Getting 'Around The Corner' Gun?

I wonder if the Akron PD ever got ahold of this interesting piece of technology? A dad of one of my college buddies is a retired Akron, Ohio homicide detective. I'm going to give him a ring and see what he knows. He is still hooked in up there and I'm just curious as hell about this new type of toy that was created in Israel.

BTW, the Gun Guys website (they are a folksey, thinly camoflaged anti-gun site, funded by Freedom States Alliance, if you were not aware) says they just know the NRA is itching to have this legalized all over the nation for home use. Personally, I have no interest in owning such a device, but if someone wanted to I would not object.
Still . . . it would be fun to play with for an hour or so! ;)

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Anonymous said...

This new type of toy was avaliable in the Great WW2 ---- German and American designs. Cheers. -- Clint Willson