25 January 2008

Brady Supporter Sly Stallone Endorses McCain

Updated Jan. 26, 2008, 12:06 am -- Ahab has an interesting take on the Stallone endorsement of John McCain. Says he, "There is so much hypocrisy in that one endorsement that it’s going to make my computer explode.

"Example 1: McCain is constantly grandstanding about steroids in baseball. Stallone has admitted to using Human Growth Hormone.

"Example 2: Stallone, who has a record as being anti-gun but also has a CCW permit endorses McCain, whose positions on the 2nd Amendment are anyone’s guess.

"Like the Rolling Stone editorial that I linked to, maybe McCain just wanted something to counter the power of the Chuck Norris’ endorsement of Mike Huckabee; which when you think about it, is pretty sad. I mean, if you make your voting decision based on which idiot celebrity has endorsed a candidate, you probably aren’t smart enough to be voting anyway."

Nicely said, Sir.

Murkier and murkier . . .

Brady campaign supporter Sylvester Stallone has now offered his endorsement of Presidential Candidate John McCain.

Says Ryan Horsley over at Red's Training Post, "If McCain thinks this is going to help in with republican gun owners he is WRONG!!"

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