31 January 2008


Latest presidential race headlines:

Los Angeles to host dem debate tonight
Obama breaks fundraising record
Obama supporters growing, poll says
"Unknown" Obama wooing Hispanic voters
Clinton buys full hour on Hallmark Channel
Texas guv endorses McCain
Romney says McCain Using Nixonian Tactics
McCain Appears To Have Changed Tax Cut Stance
Clinton (Bill, that is) has creates more controversy for Hillary
Clinton says she can control her husband
Clinton stood by as Wal Mart fought unions
Suzy Sarandon "not sure" of Clinton as president
Obama says Clinton is divisive
Obama most liberal senator last year
Arnold formally endorses McCain
McCain allegedly suggested Justice Alito "too conservative"
GOP candidates in their own words
Romney on the economy
CNN on Huckabee
CNN on Paul
Paul's billboard gets Californians talking

And last but not least . . . Dem race to last past Tuesday

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