24 January 2008

Kucinich Drops Out; Ohio Black Caucus Endorses Obama

Updated Jan. 24, 2008, 6:33 pm -- The Associated Press is reporting that the Feb. 5 "Super Tuesday" primaries will not crown a presidential nominees in either major political party.

" 'A lot of people were predicting that this presidential election on both sides was going to be this massive sprint that ended on Feb. 5,' said Jenny Backus, a Democratic consultant who is not affiliated with any candidate. 'Now it's looking as if the primaries after Super Tuesday - including such big, delegate-rich states as Texas, Ohio and Pennsylvania - could grow in importance.' "

Well, well. Looks like the eyes of the world may be on the Buckeye State once again. Lucky us.

The (Cleveland) Plain Dealer newspaper is reporting that Dennis Kucinich is dropping out of the race for president.

Many people in northeast Ohio feel he must seriously, very seriously focus on his re-election campaign to Congress.

In the meantime, the Ohio Black Legislative Caucus, state lawmakers all, are going to endorse Barack Obama for president, according to an Obama campaign aide.

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