31 January 2008

Humor (At The Expense of Everyman Hero Jack Bauer)

Did you ever see the Saturday Night Live satire, "What If?" One of my favorites was "What If Napoleon had a B-52 bomber." There was the little general, standing behind Dan Akroyd at the controls of the aircraft, with Akroyd explaining to the puzzled emporer the capacity of the bomb bay and speed from the United States to France's enemies.

Anyway, what if . . .

Jack Bauer of 24 is trying to save the world . . . in 1994 . . . with the technology of the day (AOL 3.0, Prodigy, pagers, phone booths, you get the idea).

Hilarious spoof; absolutely worth watching, especially if you are a fan of, you know, saving the world, and gadgets.

h/t to GeekWithA45

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